Yifan Jiang

Yifan Jiang

First year Ph.D student at University of Texas at Austin
Email: yifanjiang97 At utexas Dot edu
Phone: +86 156-2903-2617
Research Interests
  • Generative Models
  • AutoML
  • Representation Learning


Hi, I am Yifan Jiang (江亦凡), a first-year Ph.D student at University of Texas at Austin, VITA Group, supervised by Prof. Zhangyang Wang. Before that I spent one year at Texas A&M University. I received my undergraduate degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. My interests include Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Now I mainly work on the area of Generative Models, Neural Architecture Search, and High-level Representation Learning.

During my undergraduate year, I worked at Bytedance AI Lab as a research intern supervised by Dr. Jianchao Yang, Dr. Ding Liu, Dr. Chen Fang, and Dr. Xiaohui Shen on 2019 spring. I also worked as a Research Assistant with Prof. Pan Zhou (HUST) and Dr. Yu Cheng (Microsoft AI Research).


  • Code for our new work TransGAN is released! Check the Youtube Video for detailed explanation.
  • Feb 2021: I will join Google Research as a research intern this summer.
  • Jan 2021: One paper is accepted by ICLR'2021.
  • Dec 2020: One paper is accepted by IEEE TIP.
  • Oct 2020: EnlightenGAN is included into the open-source GNU Image Manipulation Program toolbox (GIMP-ML), as enighten plugin. I will keep on developing practical tools for real-world application!
  • July 2020: I will co-lead ECCV RLQ-TOD Workshop 2020. Welcome to submit your work and join the challenge!
  • May 2020: I will join Adobe as a research intern during this summer in San Jose, CA.
  • Education
    Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Austin, TX, USA
    Research Assistant
    College Station, TX, USA
    B.E. in Electronic Information Engineering
    Wuhan, China
    Research Intern
    Mountain View, CA, USA
    Research Intern
    Sanjose CA, USA
    Research Intern
    Beijing, China

    More About Me
  • I like cocktail and sometimes I will mix drinks at home, though I am still a beginner :).
  • I also enjoy piano, both classical and popular music. Playing the piano is my daily weekly routine.